Chicago Western Suburbs Homes For Sale

Chicago Western Suburbs Homes For SaleFor decades, Chicago's western suburbs have stood as a quiet oasis just outside the bustle of the Windy City. Often called "the New England of the Midwest," the suburbs that branch out away from the lake along I-290 are filled with the kind of idyllic homes that many area families relocated to during the second half of the 20th century. From Hinsdale, IL to Burr Ridge, IL to Naperville, IL, western Chicago suburban real estate boasts a wide variety of homes to suit many different lifestyles. With convenient access to the city coupled with calm, picturesque surroundings, Chicago's western suburbs afford residents the best of both worlds.

It's easy to see why famous creatives like Frank Lloyd Wright and Ernest Hemingway were inspired by the rolling fields of Oak Park and its neighboring towns. Since the western suburbs were settled in the 19th century, they have grown into some of the most distinguished communities in Illinois. These former prairie lands are now home to many families and individuals who move west of the city to realize their dreams of home ownership.

Western Chicago suburban homes for sale include many different types of residences in a variety of architectural styles across the area's different townships. Everything from upscale condominiums to majestic colonial houses to charming townhomes can be found among Chicago's neighboring communities to the west. Whether you're seeking a private condo or a single-family home with enough yard space for the kids and dog, the western Chicago suburbs have the right home for you.

Western Suburbs Chicago Homes For SaleWith many of Illinois's top-rated public schools zoned for suburbs like Oak Brook and Naperville, the western Chicago suburbs are perfect for new Chicagoland families looking to settle in to a little more space and a little less hubbub. Sweeping parks, golf courses, and of course the wide green lawn out front are all easily accessible to families who call these peaceful suburbs home. Residents enjoy walking and biking down the area's lush tree-lined streets or along one of many well-kept bike paths. Entertainment establishments, recreational facilities, high class shopping and fine dining can all be found within a quick drive of any western Chicagoland home.

Combining small town atmosphere with modern community amenities and conveniences, the western Chicago suburbs make a great place to call home for first-time homebuyers or those looking to upgrade to a larger residence. The area's rich cultural history complements that of Chicago itself, while each growing suburb has more and more to offer in culture and community each year. And the wide variety of western Chicago suburban real estate ensures that families, couples and individuals from all backgrounds can find a pleasant home west of the city to suit their needs.

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